The Installation Of “Frank” The Baggage Handler

Frank The Baggage Handler ready to be installed at the roundabout in Penticton BC.

The day Frank was installed was probably the coldest day of the whole year. It was close to minus 20 C the whole day making for some very cold fingers and toes on the part of the people who were helping Michael install Frank. Many thanks go to Edd Anderson and Glenn Clark for their tireless efforts in this regard.

Contrary to what was reported in the newspapers The Baggage Handler was installed with the metal plate already covering the genitalia. The controversy came about when many were offended by the mayor’s decision to force the coverage of Frank’s private parts. This is what sparked the debate in city hall.

Frank the Baggage Handler being installed in the roundabout in Penticton BC The suitcases that will surround Frank The Baggage Handler in the roundabout.
Penticton Herald article on January 5th 2005.
Front page of the Penticton Herald on January 5th 2005 Frank the Baggage Handler installed at the Roundabout in January of 2005