The Removal Of “Frank” The Baggage Handler

Artist Michael Hermesh removing frank the baggage handler from the Penticton Roundabout after being vandalised.


Frank teh Baggage Handler crated and ready to be removed from the Penticton roundabout after he had been vandalised. Due to recent acts of vandelism to the central human figure of The Baggage Handler the entire scupture installation has been temporarily removed for repairs.  We hope to have this work of are re-installed over the next six to eight weeks.  Please express your support for publicaly funded art to the gallery, city and local media.  ~Curtis Collins Curator of the Art Gallery of the South Okanagan
Suitcases left at the roundabout after Frank The Baggage Handler had been removed.  Please come home Frank. Scuptures left at the Penticton roundabout where Frank once stood.   Sign reads: Thankyou for a interesting controversy wishing you a speedy recovery.
The sculptures left behind in franks wake.sculptures left behind after frank's removal.
Penticton Herald February 28th 2005.
The platform where Frank once stood and spray painted vandalism.Penticton Herald March 1st 2005 Letters to the editor in regards to The Baggage Handler.
Penticton Herald front page March 4th 2005.Globe and Mail March 26th 2005.
Penticton Herald March 25th 2006.
Western March 9th 2005