The Red Rooster Winery and “Frank” The Baggage Handler

OKanagan Life December 2006 Article on Frank and the Red Rooster Winery.

After Frank was restored he was placed on display at the Red Rooster Winery. There was a party held to celebrate his return that many of the local dignitaries attended. Many of the neighbors placed luggage at the foot of their driveway to show their support of Frank.

The winery honored Frank by creating a "Cabernet Frank" wine. The wine label went on to win the Peoples Choice award at the fall wine festival. The wine itself sold out within 6 weeks of its release. The artist signed every bottle.

  • Gismondi On Wine - Article on Frank and the Red Rooster Winery written by John Schreiner on June 16, 2005
  • CBC News - Article on The Baggage Handler and his new home at the Red Rooster Winery. Mon, 27 Jun 2005.
  • Frank inside of the Red Rooster Winery Picture of the Red Rooster Wine Cabernet Frank People put suitcases out by the side of the road to celebrate the arrival of Frank The Baggage Handler
    Artist Michael Hermesh with the Mayor of Penticton and his mother at the reveiling of Frank The Babggage Handler at the Red Rooster Winery
    The Party Invite to the Red Rooster Winery Frank is Back
    Penticton Herald September 8th 2005