The Vandalism Of “Frank” The Baggage Handler

Artist Michael Hermesh and Frank the Baggage handler during a TV interview.


Frank the Baggage Handlers privates were painted with green spray paint. A close up of the spray paint that covered Frank the Baggage Handler.
Franks ankles had been vandalised and cracked. The back of franks head that had been vandalised.
One of the suitcases that was also vandalised along with the sculpture. This suitcase was slashed by vandals. More damage that occured to the suitcases that were surrounding the sculpture.
The4 Western Febuary 2nd 2005 Penticton Herald Febuary 3rd 2005 Editorial
Penticton Herald March 4th Editorial Western Eidtorial On March 24th 2005
Penticton Herald March 4th Editorial